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atesteeritud maaklerid 190 professional real estate agents
Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo - professionaalsed kinnisvarahindajad 28 professional appraisers
kinnisvaratehing 4729 real estate transactions in 2021
Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo - rahvusvaheline tunnustus Triple international recognition
Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo - rohkelt kinnisvarahindamisi aastas ~9000 appraisals in 2021

Uus Maa agencies

We are represented all over Estonia. Click on the name of the office and just contact the appropriate broker or appraiser.

For private customers

80% of all real estate transactions take place as a result of the in-house cooperation of the Uus Maa brokers. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and satisfied customer base, we are able to find both the buyers and sellers with extraordinary speed.

UUS MAA real estate agents are always updated with fresh new information, regardless of location. We also actively exchange information with our international network.

For business customers

We have the largest number of experts focusing on commercial real estate and 30 years of experience in real estate brokerage, management, appraisal, advisory and investment.

Whether it is an office, warehouse, development, shop area or another commercial object – our full service covers all the sectors and our best specialists and collective competence are at your service.



Uus Maa real estate agents

All of our brokers have undergone an extensive training program and share important values of Uus Maa.
Everyday there is a close collaboration between different real estate agents and cities.

In addition to high-levels of expertise, all Uus Maa team members share the same value of focusing on customer satisfaction.

You have a question? Ask from agent!

Danel Talpsepp

Head of Advisory
+372 56 667 437
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Danel Talpsepp

You have a question? Ask from agent!

Uus Maa appraisers

UUS MAA has the largest team of appraisers in Estonia. Combining 27 certified professionals at your service everyday.

Our appraisers provide valuable input to determine the exact market value of your property.

Ask your question from the appraiser of the day!

Toni Nurmeots

Certified Appraiser (119630)
+372 53 365 855
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Toni Nurmeots

Ask your question from the appraiser of the day!

New developments

With 25 years of real estate development experience, together with entrepreneurs we have made architectural landscape to be more beautiful, economical and profitable both in Estonia and internationally.

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Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Kalaranna

Kalaranna Kvartal

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Rae vald, Peetri alevik, Vana-Tartu maantee

Peetri Maja

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Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Tähesaju tee

Tähesaju Kaksikud

Uued multifunktsionaalsed hooned!

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Marit Reinson
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Liisa Kreintaal
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Ljudmilla Sadonina
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Natalja Fomin
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Andres Mikli
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Kelly Pärnapuu
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Mirjam Korbe
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Mariane Barrier
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Severin Vilentsik
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Karoliin Mäetalu
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Real Estate Market Analysis and Information

April 2022
Number of real estate transactions in Estonia (y-to-y)
Median price (y-to-y) of apartments in Harjumaa
2643 €/m²
Realization of the stock of new developments
Class A office space vacancies
9,3 kuud
-11,1 kuud
Average rent per m² for Class A office space
1966 €/m²
Class A office space performance
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