Are you considering to buy, sell, rent, or invest into real estate in Estonia?
You have come to the right place. Uus Maa Real Estate Agency is Estonia’s Leading Real Estate Company with over 20 years of  the best reputation. Uus Maa Real Estate Agency has been voted twice as The Best Real Estate Company in Estonia by International Financial Magazine EUROMONEY (in 2008 and 2009). We are the only Estonian member of FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation) and a member of The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia. Our offices are all over Estonia.

Finding the right real estate abroad is not the easiest nor quickest process. Choosing between different property, finding information about a certain market sector, and getting through the necessary legal actions demands a huge amount of time, finance, and dedication, being thereby an annoyingly time consuming process. As a customer you want to be sure that your agent provides you with up to date and reliable information, and works hard to achieve your goals. This is where we come at hand.  Whether it is your future home or investment – we at Uus Maa Real Estate Agency provide you with professional support and advice throughout the whole sales/buying process.

Our aim is to offer friendly, flexible, reliable service, and fill the need of every customer. We help you through the whole process, take legal responsibility for all our actions, and work discreetly in your best interest.

Our clients recommend us!

In case you want Uus Maa Real Estate Agency to sell or rent out your property we will not charge extra for determining the adequate sales price.

We value co-operation with agents of other real estate agencies very highly. We guarantee forwarding your offer to not less than 3 other major real estate agencies and take total responsibility for this collaboration at no extra cost for the client.

We write the texts for advertising your property and compose detailed promotional materials (photos, blueprints of the house/apartment, short description). In certain cases and where possible we also have a promotional poster made and installed to the property.

Our agents and appraisers co-operate on regular basis and Uus Maa has a wide network of clients. 80% of real estate switches owner after being listed inside the company. That is because we have a database of potential buyers. All the agents will be instantly informed about every property that is being sold anywhere in Estonia.

Our agents also exchange information and offers with our offices and partners outside of Estonia.
According to the needs and possibilities we also organize „open house“ and viewings on the property.

All our customers receive an electronic newsletter every month that lists all the special offerings.
We co-operate with all Estonia’s major banks and other financial institutions, due to that our agents and their offerings are frequently in bank offices according to a schedule.

Extensive collaboration with other agencies and media strategy that includes very different channels guarantee that your property will be sold fast and with the result requested

We give regular written feedback to our clients. During the period agreed in the contract we provide you with a written report about the actions we’ve taken and the potential interested buyers (where and which advertisements have been published, what kind of feedback has been received, list of interested buyers etc).

•  we register deals correctly in legal aspect and in accordance with the actual law;
•  if necessary, we will prepare several versions of contracts (e.g. lease or rent contract);
•  we organize notarization of the deal;
•  we can provide you with all necessary documents;
•  we verify the accuracy and correctness of documents;
•  we organize price negotiations on behalf and for the benefit of the client that we represent;
•  we coordinate all the details of an ownership transfer contract;
•  we coordinate formalities of an official registration of a transaction;
•  we execute pre-contract agreements on an owner transfer contract and conduct negotiations on terms of a contract;
•  we provide a place to sign a contract and agree on a time both sides can sign a contract;
•  we organize contract signing in the presence of a notary.

• we run negotiations about the price according to the interest of the contracted customer;
•  we agree on the details concerning the transfer of the property;
• we agree on the details of the transaction;
• we prepare the preliminary contract, and determine the time and place for signing it;
• we prepare the main contract, and determine the time and place for signing it.

We keep in touch even after making the deal and receiving our commission. We are very interested in getting feedback about the quality of our service.

To guarantee the best service we suggest signing an exclusive contract with Uus Maa Real Estate Agency. The contract states the rights and obligations of both sides. The realization period is given by the broker according to the specifications of your property and the commission is up to 5% (depending on the price) of the sale price of your property (not including VAT).
We offer professional solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients!

We at Uus Maa Real Estate Agency represent your interests on the basis of a written agreement only.

Depending on the price of the property our broker fee is 3-5 %. If the property value is less than 15000 euro the commission is agreed upon by the client and the broker.

Rental brokerage is normally worth of one month’s rental payment.