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Ave Klaser
Real Estate Consultant

Received the title of
Queen of Turnover in 2008

Has been working for Uus Maa since 2006

Why did I start working for Uus Maa?

My best friend Margaret Preegel recommended it to me.

Why am I still working for Uus Maa?

Uus Maa is a reliable and successful real estate company. I enjoy my job, and get along well with my colleagues.

How to succeed at working in Uus Maa?

You should want to perform your job to your highest level possible, and eventually want to become a professional.


Unlike other Estonian estate agencies, Uus Maa has a thoughout and well-considered training programme. In Estonia, we are one of the few companies that are prepared to educate young talents, providing them with the knowledge required for a successful career in real estate. The offered training programme goes beyond narrowly specialised preparation and also includes sales and communication training. New estate agents can have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and, therefore, our experienced estate agents supervise each beginner for the first four months, helping them with any issues they may encounter.

Weekly meetings

In Uus Maa, Tuesday mornings are the time for sharing your thoughts, ideas and providing feedback. At 9 o’clock the entire office staff assembles for a general meeting to discuss potential improvements in work procedures and opportunities for furthering the success of the company, as well as to hear presentations by our cooperation partners.

Training for junior estate agents

All of Uus Maa’s employees start out as junior estate agents or assistant valuators and, irrespective of previous work experience, they all can participate in introductory training for new employees during the first couple of months. After three days of training, our best and most experienced team members provide them with an overview of all aspects of work in real estate. The topics covered a range from sales to construction and law.

Sales Guru

Usually, within the first four months after joining Uus Maa, new employees participate in Sales Guru training, conducted by Jaanus Laugus, the owner and Chairman of the Management Board of Uus Maa, who is familiar with all aspects of becoming a successful salesperson in Uus Maa, starting from the grassroots level. In 1994, Jaanus himself started out as an assistant estate agent and has developed into the chief executive and owner of the company by learning all intricacies of this work. Read more


Uus Maa organises monthly workshops on various subject matters, helping interested employees improve or gain knowledge about a particular field. Workshops are usually held as two-hour training sessions, with subject matters which range from public speaking to rental contracts.

General training

The entire staff of Uus Maa traditionally gets together three times a year, in spring and autumn, for general training, which lasts for an entire day and serves as a source of knowledge and new motivation for all employees. These general training events are always dedicated to a current topic and include fun team building exercises.

FAQ about working as a real-estate agent

Does a dealer need a car?
One of our leading brokers does not even have a driver’s license! Sometimes a car helps you out a lot, but it is not a precondition for a career success. In our team there are people who find solutions rather than excuses!

What are the requirements for candidates?
Uus Maa is a fast growing and flexible Estonian company. We are doing well and we are greatly expanding our team. When selecting new candidates, we do not set strict conditions in terms of education, work experience or skills. It is more important to us to help our people, who have a proactive attitude and share our values; we want to exceed customer’s expectations together, we value our people, and our strength, our unity lies in our teamwork. If you share our three aforementioned values, then send us your CV, because there is always some new challenges we have to offer!

Is previous work experience required?

Previous work experience is not important to us, but your desire to learn and grow is. Every new staff member visits our courses for beginners, and every new employee has a supervisor who gives them directions during the first four months of a new dealer’s daily work. Our team is always ready to help and it helps new employees get used to their routine, for example, an experienced stuff member takes the new one during his first workweek to visit a notary together, or to sign contracts, or to show property. Teamwork is our strength and unity!

What will be my salary?
Well, it is for you to decide – it depends entirely on you. Uus Maa has worked in the Estonian real estate market for more than ten years, and we know exactly how to reach the top in real estate business. It is all up to your working skills and ability to learn which will decide what kind of salary you’ll earn. Our people like to receive payment in accordance to their results and they like the opportunity to earn more than the average monthly wage in Estonia. Our dealers and appraisers are working on the basis of a payment by results, to which we in the first few months add a minimal base wage. We also offer a variety of benefits for our employees, such as partial compensation for phone and travel expenses, sport activity sponsorship, we also arrange health checks and vaccinations, we provide support to major family events, we support all kinds of training courses inside the company, organize summer and winter days for free for our people and, moreover, we partly cover remaining training costs. People are our greatest wealth!


You do not learn how to make coffee and copies in Uus Maa Real Estate!

Required documents for applying to internship:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Guide of internship requirements

Motivation letter has to consist of:

  • Recommended duration of the internship, the period of internship and the beginning date of the internship.
  • Why you want to take your internship in Uus Maa Real Estate Company?
  • Why are you a suitable applicant?