25 years of trust

UUS MAA real estate

  • has been on the Estonian real estate market since 1992.
  • has offices all over Estonia in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Kuressaare, Rakvere, Jõhvi, Viljandi and Jõgeva.
  • has subsidiaries in Lithuania.
  • is the most well-known and trusted real estate company in Estonia.
  • has brokers and appraisers that are highly qualified and provide a professional service to all their customers.
  • is the fastest developing real estate company in Estonia.

UUS MAA's mission

UUS MAA’s team is committed to exceeding the expectations of clients who appreciate professional service.

Brief History

Spring 1992 – Uus Maa entered the market as a property mediation department of the company AS SPD.
Spring 1994 – AS Uus Maa real estate (Real Estate Bureau) was registered as a separate company.
1995 – Uus Maa bought the assets of AS Bangalo, inheriting its employees.
1996 – the company’s management department developed into the property management company Uus Maa Kinnisvarahaldus.
1997 – the company opened its office in Saaremaa.
Summer 1997 – Uus Maa real estate group(Real Estate Group) was established as a holding company. Ville Jehe, former board member of Mendelson & Ko, joined Uus Maa’s team in the same summer.
1997 – the company VTA Investeeringu AS was incorporated in Uus Maa real estate group and its name was changed into OÜ Uus Maa Kinnisvaraarendus (Property Development).
February 1998 – the Rakvere and Jõhvi offices of the former company Kinnisvaraekspert started operating under the Uus Maa brand.
Summer 1999 – OÜ Uus Maa Kinnisvaraarendus was renamed as OÜ Uus Maa Kinnisvarakonsultandid (Property Advisors), because the latter is a better reflection of the actual business of the company.
2000 – Uus Maa’s office in Tartu was opened.
2001 – the subsidiaries of Uus Maa, having been operating in different premises over Tallinn, moved into the new headquarters at Rävala pst 6 at the start of the year.
2001 – Uus Maa’s office in Pärnu was opened in summer.
2002 – Uus Maa’s office in Kuressaare was reopened in autumn.
2004 – Uus Maa’s office in Paide was opened in autumn.
2004 – at the end of the year, Uus Maa Kinnisvarahalduse OÜ and Arkaadia Halduse OÜ entered into a strategic partnership, with a joint office in Maakri 19/21.
2005 – Uus Maa’s office in Viljandi was opened in the autumn.
2006 – Uus Maa’s office in Jõgeva was opened in the spring.
2007 – Uus Maa’s office in Haapsalu was opened in January.
2007 – Uus Maa’s office in Narva was opened in April.
2008 – Seven Real Estate Advisors were established as the international brand of Uus Maa together with the company of the same name, operating in Latvian and Bulgarian property markets.
2008 – Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau was recognised as the best real estate company in a survey for Euromoney magazine.
January 2009 – Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau merged with Uus Maa Real Estate Group, with simultaneous separation of Uus Maa Property Advisors.
April 2009 – Uus Maa Kolimisteenused (Moving Services) was launched in the market as a new complementary service.
May 2009 – Uus Maa Invest was launched in the market as a complementary service for buying up real estate.
June 2009 – Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau started to issue energy performance labels.
2009 – Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau was recognised for the second time as the best real estate company in a survey of Euromoney magazine.
2010 – Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau started to offer a packaged service.
June 2010 – the construction consultation service of Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau were launched in the market.

Uus Maa Franchise

Uus Maa Real Estate has been the leader of the Estonian real estate market since 1992.

– strong and well-known brand
– over 25 years of great reputation and trust in the Estonian Real Estate market
– voted twice as the best Real Estate company in Estonia by International Financial Magazine EUROMONEY (in 2008 and 2009)
– member of The Association of Real Estate Companies in Estonia
– the only Estonian member of FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation.

Get access to:

– the network of representative offices all over Estonia
– the most user-firendly web-page of Real Estate Bureaus
– the CRM that combines property, clients, and agents into an intelligent internal database
– the motivation scheme which really motivates
– managerial know-how
– all of our associate services
…and much more!

Turn our experience and know-how into your own benefit.

For further information please contact:

Jaanus Laugus
Partner, Chairman of the Board

Uus Maa Real Estate
Maakri 19/1, 10145 Tallinn,