Elsewhere in the world, it is quite common that not only investment funds invest in property, but private investors as well, by buying rental apartment with an aim to ensure themselves a passive income. This is the best pension foundation for the future. The same tactics can be used by you in Estonia.The residential property investment consultants of Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo will:– help you find the best offers of good profitability and good locations
    – advise you in the issues of taxation of the property and
    – help you organize the property rental serviceIf you are interested in investing, please contact:
    Mika Erik Sucksdorff
    Partner, Board Member
    +372 517 4206

    What to do, if you would like to purchase property for investment:

    1. Contact our consultant and book and appointment. The consult is free of charge.
    2. Before the meeting with the consultant, think about some important issues, such as:
      – How much would you like to invest? If you would like to involve funds from a bank, please visit your loan adviser at the bank and check your credit facilities prior to the meeting with the investment consultant.
      – What would you like to invest in?
      – Do you have a favourite area?
      – Are you planning a short-term or long-term investment?
    3. At the meeting with the consultant, we will set a general investment plan. We will browse potential offers, visit the property objects, arrange the transaction, and find you a tenant.

    Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo also offers tenancy administration services in addition to several other services: our broker will take care of the property administration, incl. keeping an eye on payment of the rent and the utility bills and organizing the property administration service.

    The following articles published in the media will provide you some answers about property investments: