We offer our clients high quality and complementary solutions for both internal and external decoration.

Our company is interested in providing all kinds of finishing works, from the renovation of apartments to the finishing works in offices and warehouses.

We do works quickly and efficiently.

In case you have problems – just contact us and together we will find a solution!


  • Construction management
  • General construction
  • Facade works
  • Tiling
  • Laying and replacement of floors and repair of common flooring problems
  • Capital repairs of all kinds of washrooms and bathrooms
  • Other..


More information: www.uusmaaehitus.ee

The service is designed for persons/companies intending to start construction to ensure compliance control and professional advice in the course of the construction process.

Control procedures included in the service:

– compliance of building design documentation;
– compliance of the builder’s bid with the design documents;
– compliance of the actual construction of the building with the design documents;
– compliance of any permanent construction materials and products installed in the new building and availability of the required compliance certificates;
– compliance with the agreed construction schedule and budget;
– preparation and accuracy of any drafted construction technical documents;
– proper maintenance of the building and the corresponding land unit.

The service is designed for any disputes, claims, problems (incl. judicial), etc., concerning construction issues to provide an independent and competent written assessment report.

Technical expert assessment of buildings:

– inspection of the condition of buildings, structures and materials;
– identification of the causes and extent of damage, development of proposals for improving or eliminating the problematic situation.

Our control procedures include:

-verification of availability and compliance of the design, building and execution documents;
-verification of compliance of the construction with the design documents, applicable standards and good building practices.

A distance charge will be added to the price of the report if the object is located outside Tallinn.

– up 20€ in case of a distance of up to 20 km from the centre of Tallinn;
– up to 32€ in case of a distance of 20-30 km from the centre of Tallinn;
– price subject to negotiations in case of a distance over 30 km from the centre of Tallinn.
The service is subject to a pre-payment of 1/3 of the assessment fee, which is non-refundable upon withdrawal of the order.
Express orders (work ahead of the general waiting list) are subject to an add-on charge of up to 50 %.

NOTE! If required, Uus Maa can make the necessary arrangements to achieve compliance of deficient documentation or to reconstruct the building to comply with the design documents. Price of the services depends on the scope of work and is subject to negotiations.