Im other places around the world it’s normal, that beside fonds even individuals invest in real estate, when buying renting for making a passive income apartments. Thats the best for a pension fonded future.You can use the same tactics in Estonia.

Uus Maa real estate sociable real estate investing consultants:

  • help you find the best offers with good productivity and location
  • give consultation about real estate taxation questions and,
  • help organize real estate rent management service

If you are interested in investing please contact:
Mika Erik Sucksdorff
Partner, member of the board
+372 517 4206

How to act, if you wish to buy real estate for investing:

1. Contact our consultant, to fix a date to meet up. Consultation is free.

2. Before meeting for the consultation you should think about some important questions like:

  • How much you wish to invest. If a bank was to be involved in the investment, then there would have to be a meeting with the investing consultant before visiting the bank, to find out the loan opportunities.
  • Where you wish to invest?
  • Do you have any favorite or preferred areas?
  • How long you wish to invest for?

3. When meeting up with the consultant we are going to fix up an investment plan. We are going to look over available offers, go look over the real estate, organize a transaction and find a tenant.

Uus Maa real estate offers investors a rent management service along side many other services: our broker deals with the real estate’s interior management for example, they are going to look at the rent receipts, utility bills payments and organizes a real estate administrative service.

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