Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sell or rent your property. Twenty years of trust and client recommendations speak for themselves. In addition, the professionalism of our estate agents ensures exemplary customer service for property buyers, sellers and lessors from the first contact to completion of the transaction. We are so confident in the quality of our estate agents that we can provide you with a guaranteed list of activities that you can expect from the estate agents of Uus Maa working with your property.


1. Marketing plan and advertising. We will prepare a personalised plan for marketing your particular property, including a list of most efficient advertising channels for that property.

2. Comparative market analysis. We will provide information on market prices and help you to determine the most efficient asking price for your property.

3. Alternative financing options and consultations for buyers. We provide potential buyers with information about various options for financing real estate transactions, helping them to identify the most suitable solution with the assistance of their bank.

4. Increasing attractiveness of the property. We will advise you on how to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

5. Uus Maa sales team. We will present your property to our sales team and inform you about the opinions and suggestions of the team regarding the sale of your property.

6. Cooperation with estate agents from other agencies. We will present your property to other reliable and professional estate agents working in this area. This helps us to expand the sales network.

7. Public information. We will disclose/publish the information about your property in public channels, making it available to potential buyers.

8. Sale poster. A sale poster on site is the best form of advertising. If possible, and subject to your consent, we will display the poster on your property to inform potential buyers in the area. Naturally, we will obtain the required approvals from the city district government and pay the required advertising tax. In case of rental apartments, this option is usable only on certain floors.

9. Feedback and sales reports. We will keep you informed about the market situation, the interest of buyers and our efforts to sell your property.Depending on object and mutual agreement, we will provide you with written feedback after suitable intervals, but at least once a month.

10. Negotiations with buyers. We will review all purchase offers and, subject to your consent, will enter into negotiations on your behalf to conclude an advantageous sale contract.

11. Conclusion of transaction. We will keep you informed about the progress of preparations, trying to ensure satisfaction of all parties and ensuring legal correctness and security of the transaction.

12. After sale service. We will keep in touch even after conclusion of the contract to assist you in completing any necessary formalities, incl. preparation of a delivery statement and supervision of the transfer of possession to the buyer.

13. Money back guarantee. To ensure best service quality, we offer all clients who are not satisfied with our service the option of refunding 10% of the amount PAID for services.

If an estate agent from Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau, who has entered into an exclusive agency agreement with you, fails to provide you with the aforementioned services, you have the right to terminate the agency agreement. To use this option, please submit a written termination request, including a description of reasons, in person to the manager of Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau.

In case of rental contracts for commercial premises, the brokerage fee equals the rent of one month as specified in the contract.

In case of sale of commercial premises, the brokerage fee constitutes 4% of the final value of transaction.

The exact amount of the brokerage fee depends on specific features of the object (distance from the city, location, size, projected realisation period, price).

* Prices are exclusive of VAT.

We at Uus Maa Real Estate Agency represent your interests on the basis of a written agreement only.


In case you want Uus Maa Real Estate Agency to sell or rent out your property we will not charge extra for determining the adequate sales price.


We value co-operation with agents of other real estate agencies very highly.
We guarantee forwarding your offer to not less than 3 other major real estate agencies and take total responsibility for this collaboration at no extra cost for the client.


We write the texts for advertising your property and compose detailed promotional materials (photos, blueprints of the house/apartment, short description). In certain cases and where possible we also have a promotional poster made and installed to the property.

Our agents and appraisers co-operate on regular basis and Uus Maa has a wide network of clients. 80% of real estate switches owner after being listed inside the company. That is because we have a database of potential buyers. All the agents will be instantly informed about every property that is being sold anywhere in Estonia.

Our agents also exchange information and offers with our offices and partners outside of Estonia.

According to the needs and possibilities we also organize „open house“ and viewings on the property.

All our customers receive an electronic newsletter every month that lists all the special offerings.

We co-operate with all Estonia’s major banks and other financial institutions, due to that our agents and their offerings are frequently in bank offices according to a schedule.

Extensive collaboration with other agencies and media strategy that includes very different channels guarantee that your property will be sold fast and with the wished result:
– Uus Maa’s offerings and advertisements are present in all the major and most important real estate sites on the Internet

– Uus Maa’s offerings are regularly displayed through press advertising channels targeted to the specific audience.


We give regular written feedback to our clients. During the period agreed in the contract we provide you with a written report about the actions we’ve taken and the potential interested buyers (where and which advertisements have been published, what kind of feedback has been received, list of interested buyers etc).


We take responsibility for

• we register deals correctly in legal aspect and in accordance with the actual law;
• if necessary, we will prepare several versions of contracts (e.g. lease or rent contract);
• we organize notarization of the deal;
• we can provide you with all necessary documents;
•  we verify the accuracy and correctness of documents;
•  we organize price negotiations on behalf and for the benefit of a client, representing the interests of a client according to a signed contract;
• we coordinate all details of an ownership transfer contract;
• we coordinate formalities of an official registration of a transaction;
• we execute precontract agreements on an owner transfer contract and conduct negotiations on terms of a contract;
• we provide a place to sign a contract and agree on a time both sides can sign a contract;
•  we organize contract signing in the presence of a notary.


  • we run negotiations about the price according to the interest of the contracted customer;
  • agree on the details concerning the overhanding the property;
  • agree on the details of the transaction;
  • preliminary contract, preparing it and determining the time and place for signing it;
  • main contract, preparing it and determining the time and place for signing it.


We keep in touch even after making the deal and receiving our commission.
We are very interested in getting feedback about the quality of our service.


To guarantee the best service we suggest signing an exclusive contract with Uus Maa Real Estate Agency. The contract states the rights and obligations of both sides. The realization period is given by the broker according to the specifications of your property and the commission is up to 5% (depending on the price) of the sale price of your property (not including VAT).


Our objective is to provide a high-quality service. We are focused on offering professional, responsible and reliable services to our clients.

A job associated with commercial premises requires an inspection of the object, discussion of valuation results in the valuation committee, and finalisation of the valuation report. It is advisable to negotiate the exact terms of valuation in advance with the valuator.

In conducting a valuation, valuators follow the EVS 875 standard and prepare the expert valuation in accordance with the Good Practice Code of the Estonian Association of Real Estate Valuators. In most cases, the results are presented in an expert valuation report but, at the client’s request, we can also issue expert opinions or brief summary reports.

In the beginning of 2001, Uus Maa was among the first estate agencies to start preparing electronic valuation reports. In cooperation, estate agencies and banks have developed a secure electronic communication channel, ensuring full confidentiality of the clients’ information. The service is implemented using the latest information technology solutions, encryption and signatures.

At the client’s request, we can forward valuation reports to the bank in an electronic format to save time and effort for the client.