Maksim Morgunov

Maksim Morgunov

Certified Real Estate Agent, level 5 | UUS MAA | AL MARE | Board Member
Bureau: Tallinn
+372 5809 3618

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About Me

I joined the Uus Maa team in 2010 and specialize in the sale and rental of residential and commercial properties in Harju County. Serving as a versatile real estate partner, I've successfully brokered various properties, including commercial buildings, luxury real estate, apartments, and commercial spaces. With a wealth of experience, I have a deep understanding of the market dynamics.

Having previously worked in the banking sector, I can assist clients in obtaining loans and provide consultancy on banking matters. In 2012, I successfully passed the real estate broker's qualification exam. In 2017, I revalidated my broker's qualification, and in 2023, I achieved the Senior Broker qualification at level 6.

Seeking new experiences and challenges, I co-founded the Uusmaa franchise Al Mare in 2022 with my colleague Elena Tomson, a top 10 Uusmaa real estate agent. This ensures trust and a professional approach tailored to each client. Our office aims to be a partner in real estate matters, not just a typical intermediary.

We train our team through the experiences and knowledge we have gained and continue to acquire. Sales are our passion, and being a real estate broker is a lifestyle. We teach our team to be versatile real estate partners for our clients.


Senior Broker Level 6
Member of the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Agents (EKMK)
City24 Star of the Year 2018
Uus Maa Turnover King 2021
Uus Maa Turnover Top 2022 - 2nd Place

Successfully sold development projects:
2012-2021 Pirnipuu pst ridaelamute arendus: Pirnipuu pst
2012-2013 Hindreku elamurajooni paarismajade arendus: Tuhkru tn 8,10,12,14
2013-2014 Lagedi aleviku paarismaja: Kaare tee 20
2013-2014 Rae Küla kodude ja kruntide arendus: Väike-Tammi tee 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,13
2013-2015 Sepa elamumaa kruntide arendus: Vibu tee, Noole tee, Vibunoole tee, Vasara tee
2013-2016 Järveküla kodude arendus: Noole tee 16,18, Oda tee 1,2,4,7,8,6, Vahemetsa tee 1,2,3,4, Vibu tee 2,4,6,8
2013-2019 Soosepa paarismajade ja ridaelamute elamurajooni arendus: Kuremarja tee, Lauka tee, Turba tee, Turba Põik, Sooheina tee, Soosepa tee
2013-2014 Kalamaja kortermaja arendus: Kungla 45
2014-2015 Haabneme paarismaja arendus: Lille tee 12
2014-2015 Liivamäe küla ridaelamute arendus: Vanasauna tee 13, 15
2015-2016 Tiskre küla ridaelamute arendus, Välja tee 16, Välja tee 20
2015-2017 Uuesalu paarismajade ja ridaelamute arendus: Susi tee 1, 3, 2,4,6,8,10, 11
2015 Tabasalu paarismaja arendus: Saare tn 6
2015 Järveküla ridaelamu arendus: Niidu tee 1
2016 Muuga paarismaja arendus: Käbiheina tee 6
2016-2017 Madala tn 14-korruseline kortermaja: Madala 16
2018-2019 Pirita-Kose paarismaja: Mailase 4a
2018-2019 Merivälja paarismaja arendus: Pajustiku 12
2018-2021 Kose elamurajooni majade ja ridaelamute arendus: Valga tn 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11
2019-2020 Pirita Ridamaja arendus: Lauri tee 7
2019-2020 Tildri Home Estates korterelamu: Tildri 7
2019-2020 Pirita Residents korterelamu: Võsa Tee 4
2019-2020 Kristiine Kodu ridaelamubokside arendus: Vuti 54/58
2019-2021 Saue eramute arendus: Viirpuu põik 3, Ojakalda tee 16, Ojakalda tee 20, Paju tee 29
2020 Tiskre Club Villad´E ridaelamu arendus: Vahemetsa tee 13
2020-2021 DelMar Residence kortermaja, ridaelamu arendus: Hansu 1/3
2020-2021 JÜRI PAARISMAJAD´e paarismajade arendus: Kurve tee 25,26 Lodjapuu 17
2020-2022 Liivamäe kodude ridaelamute ja kruntide arendus: Mäe tee, 2,4,6,3,7
2020-2022 Metsakasti elamurajooni paarismajade arendus: Hansunurme tee, Hansuniidu tee, Jäätma tee
2021-2022 Viimsi küla elamurajooni paarismajade ja ridaelamute arendus: Vikerkare tee 1,3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,19,20
2021-2022 Viimsipanoraam ridaelamud: Paevälja tee 1, 3
2021-2022 Jõeäärse Paarismajad´e arendus: Sillapiiga tee 1
2022-2023 Mäe Tee/Saha tee ridaelamute arendus
2022-2023 Liivamae Kodude arendus- Vanasauna tn.

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