Heilin Reimand

Heilin Reimand

Certified Real Estate Broker - Residential property
Bureau: Tartu
+372 524 1979
+372 744 1144

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About Me

I have worked in real estate since autumn 2003 when I was still studying at the university and started working as an assistant appraiser at the real estate agency where I did my apprenticeship. Moving on as an appraiser, in a few years I ended up running the appraising department.
In 2004, I graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences majoring in real estate planning and appraising, and in 2006, I acquired the professional certificate of Real Estate Appraiser, and a general certificate was issued to me.
In 2007, I received a proposal to join the Tartu office of Uus Maa where I worked the manager of the appraising department. I have been a member of the Estonian Association of Appraisers and also a member of the Court of Honour of the Association. I have a license of land appraiser by the Land Board and I have been included in the national list of recognised experts to use in forensic examinations by the Ministry of Justice.
In 2010, I took a time-out from work, and during the next few years became the mother of two lively boys.
When I returned from my maternity leave in 2014, I felt that the profession of an appraiser has exhausted itself for me but the area of real estate was still really close to my heart. I decided to challenge myself and start the career from the very beginning in certain ways. As I have seen the work of a real estate broker next to my colleagues for years and also personally carried out several real estate purchase and sales transactions, my curiosity and interest drove me to take a closer look at the work of a real estate broker.
At the beginning of 2015, I started in Tartu office of Uus Maa as a broker of residential premises.
Since year 2016, I am a member of the Estonian Chamber of Real Estate Agents.

My scope of work:
Organisation of the sale of apartments and other residential premises.
Consultations for determining a sales price.
Representation and sale of development projects.
Sales of property in common ownership and establishment of conditions of use.
Transactions with foreigners.
Sales of estate.
Assets for compulsory sale – cooperation with bailiffs and trustees in bankruptcy.
Conclusion of home insurance agreements.

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Real Estate Market Analysis and Information

June 2021
Number of real estate transactions in Estonia (y-to-y)
Median price (y-to-y) of apartments in Harjumaa
2271 €/m²
Realization of the stock of new developments
-5,9 kuud
6,6 kuud
Class A office space vacancies
Average rent per m² for Class A office space
15,5 €/m²
Class A office space performance
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