Eno Juul

Eno Juul

Certified Real Estate Agent, level 6 | UUS MAA | Arena | Board Member
Bureau: Tallinn
+372 50 88 963

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About Me

I am quick to adapt and have an open mind.

Previous jobs in service and sales have taught me to put myself in the shoes of the other party. I always try to understand the solution that my partner is looking for and act accordingly. In my work, I value promptness, efficiency, and fairness. If there is a mutually agreeable solution, my team and I will definitely find it.

I have been active in the real estate sector since 2016. Currently, I am a board member and CEO of Uus Maa Arena. In addition to brokerage, I manage the daily operations of a branch office. Since February 2023, I have also been in the role of a franchise manager at Uus Maa, responsible for the collaboration and quality service of various branch offices within the company.

I am also a member of the board of the Estonian Real Estate Companies Association (EKFL), representing the real estate brokerage services sector in the union.

Before entering the real estate sector, I managed medium-sized companies (200-300 people) with completely different areas of activity. After the millennium, I graduated from TTÜ KMK in international business management and concurrently managed a casino company in Tallinn.

In 2008, after leaving the gambling industry, I was invited to lead a fast-growing pharmacy chain owned by Lithuanian proprietors. I worked in the pharmacy sector for 8 years. In these companies, one of my main tasks was growing the business, which eventually led me to real estate, specifically commercial spaces.

In the fall of 2016, my spouse and I founded the then fifth Remax-branded real estate office in Tallinn. After five years of work and acclimatization to the new field, I accepted an invitation at the beginning of 2021 to join the excellent brand and team of Uus Maa. Now we do our best to achieve great things in the real estate landscape with our team at Uus Maa.

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