Aleks Neering

Aleks Neering

Mаклер | UUS MAA Maakri
Bureau: Tallinn
+372 56924440

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I'm glad you found my profile.

I'm an entrepreneurial young man, skilled in sales, able to empathize with customer needs, and aware that cooperation and close communication lead to excellent results.

My decision to pursue a career in real estate was driven by a desire to learn more about the real estate industry and its investment opportunities. My passion for real estate has been growing for years, and I continue to develop this interest. Upon exploring different real estate agencies, I immediately noticed that Uus Maa was the right choice for me.

I am proud and happy to work and provide the best service to my clients in Estonia's most professional real estate agency. I have a top-notch team behind me, ensuring that no client question goes unanswered.

My goal as a real estate agent is to become the best in my area.

In my work, I value dedication, setting and achieving goals, honesty, continuous self-improvement, and knowing that even in the toughest situations, the most suitable solution can be found.

In my free time, I love to engage in sports, travel, and enjoy good food.

I am an open communicator and trustworthy. I do my job thoroughly and do not take lightly the responsibility of handling clients' assets.

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