350 000 €
Price per square meter
409,50 €/m2
Additional information
rooms 14 rooms
square meters 854.70 m2
yard area 63900.00 m2


Address: Seidla Mõis, Seidla küla, Järva vald, Järva maakond
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ID: 5521 / 193224
Area size: 854.70 m2
Lot area: 63900.00 m2
No. of rooms: 14
Year: 1785
Roof: Stone
Readiness: Needs renovation
Energy label: noCertificate
Cadastral number: 12902:002:1210
Building material: Stone
Doors: Old wooden doors
Windows: Old wooden windows

The historic Seidla manor has come for public sale. The total size of the property, including the vodka kitchen property, is 15.54h

Seidla manor was first mentioned in 1639. The owner was the widow of Swedish War Commissioner Adam Schrapffer. The manor soon passed to the von Nieroth´ite family, who retained it until the 18th century.
Johann Heinrich von Mohrenschild’s period of ownership from 1740 to 1785 is more important in terms of construction history. It was during this time that the manor acquired its main wealth, then a representative manor core was designed and a magnificent manor house was completed.
In the 19th century, the manor was owned by the Vietingoffs and the Schillings. The last owner was Hans von Schilling, he owned the manor until 1914. At that time, garden art was actively cultivated there; flowers and fruits were also grown for sale. There was a vodka kitchen in the manor.
During the Republic of Estonia, a school was built in the manor house, which remained there until 1973.
In 1996, Seidla acquired the manor complex AS TSUNFTIJÄNES, whose main field of activity is the restoration of antique furniture and the design of stylish interiors. In summer, for 21 years now, on the first Saturday of July, the antique gate Kila-Kola takes place in the manor park.

The main building of the manor was completed in 1785. The building belongs to the period of early classicism and is one of the most valuable examples of it in Estonia. The building has outstandingly good classicist proportions.
The interiors of the building look somewhat baroque next to the early classicist exterior solution. The vaulted ground floor, typical of the era, was used as economic premises. Anfilaad – festively connected living rooms and hall are located on the second floor. Joinery has been masterfully performed: a staircase with carved edges, doors, window sills and walnut.
The valuable stoves and fireplaces in the manor were destroyed during the renovation of the school in the 1950s. Isolated pieces of stove and fireplace stones have been found. The closed garden side log dates from the second half of the 19th century. The pillar balcony above the main door dates from 1910. The main door of Hiisbaroque manor is the best example of carpentry art of its time in Estonia.
The park surrounding the manor is in English style. The manor pond needs cleaning and dredging. In the past, fish have been farmed there, and in winter it has been skated on pond ice. There is a vodka kitchen built at the end of the 19th century by the pond. During the collective farm, there was a polluting starch factory in the vodka kitchen.
The front square of the manor house is framed on two sides by a barn and a shed. The barn was restored to its original form in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, the barn is in ruins and needs renovation.
On the side of the road there was a garden surrounded by a high stone wall, which is being restored.
In the park of the manor there is an interesting spatial solution called. “ice cellar”.
The manor owned a Dutch-style windmill in the “old days”, which today has acquired a worthy owner who has put the Seidla Windmill in order, not only as a tourist attraction, but also as a real mill.
Since 1996, conservation work has been carried out in the main building of the manor. The ceiling and wall structures that suffered during the roof run-off in the 1980s have been restored. The numerous windows of the manor house need to be renovated. Valuable doors and windows need restoration.

Call me and let’s go see your future manor today!

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