490 000 €
Price per square meter
716,37 €/m2
Additional information
rooms 10 rooms
square meters 684.00 m2
yard area 229500.00 m2


Address: Konovere mõis, Konuvere küla, Märjamaa vald, Rapla maakond
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ID: 274 / 177687
Area size: 684.00 m2
Lot area: 229500.00 m2
No. of rooms: 10
No. of WC's: 3
No. of kitchens: 2
Year: 1563
Roof: Stone
Ownership: Immovable
Energy label: noCertificate
Cadastral number: 50402:007:0600
Building material: Stone
Doors: Old wooden doors
Windows: Old wooden windows
Heating: Ground heating
Body of water: River
Body of water name: Konuvere jõgi


  • sauna
  • boiler
  • fireplace
  • coatroom
  • kitchen
  • industrialElectricity
  • localwater
  • kanalisatsioon_lokaalne
  • ancillarybuilding
  • fencedterritory
  • garret
  • highceilings
  • newelectriccircuit
  • well

On the southern bank of Konuvere River lies the beautiful partly renovated Konuvere Manor. A chestnut alley leads to the manor. The knight manor built by the Rennenkampff family at a short distance from Tallinn-Pärnu Road lies between woods and fields. The manor has seen different times – it has housed a school and the office of the collective farm in the 80ies.

The classicist manor with a rare indented pillar porch (a part of the building supported by pillars) was built at the beginning of the 19th century.
In addition to the mansion, the ensemble of Konovere manor includes a park with ponds, a classic circular driveway and Konuvere River behind the mansion. The ice cellar is the only outbuilding that has been partly preserved. Stables for horses have been created as a completely new building in the courtyard area.

The main building is 684m², auxiliary building / stables 253m² and ice cellar 178m²
The main floor of the mansion has spacious rooms with high ceilings. The ground floor and the basement have been restored, a high (about 6m) attic still provides possibilities for expansion.
The entrance between pillars leads to the lobby of the main floor with plenty of space and a majestic fireplace. Beautiful tiled stoves have also been preserved in other rooms. The ballroom has a beautiful view of the river, the dining hall has a view of the front. The building also includes a kitchen, a large number of rooms and bathrooms.
The basement houses sauna rooms, an auxiliary kitchen, bedrooms, a hall, a heating room and other technical facilities.
The stables have 5 large stalls for horses, an auxiliary kitchen, a dressing room and a room for the equipment. The hey loft on the second floor includes summer rooms and some space for hey.

The manor has a combined heating system: ground heating – floor heating at the basement, radiators on the ground floor. Additional electrical heaters have also been installed on the ground floor. There is also a wood-burning boiler for central heating. A private bore well (artesian well) and local sewerage.
The stables have 5 large stalls for horses, an auxiliary kitchen, a dressing room and a room for the equipment. The hey loft on the second floor includes summer rooms and some space for hey.

The manor has a little over 22 ha of land – the property of the manor itself + Mõisapõllu 50402:007:0080. Most of the land is cultivated farmland that has been given on lease.

Konovere Manor is 70 km from Tallinn and 50 km from Pärnu. It is about 1 km from the beautiful restored Konovere Bridge.
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