425 000 €
Price per square meter
2 248,68 €/m2
Additional information
rooms 6 rooms
square meters 189.00 m2
yard area 5362.00 m2


Address: Ilu talu, Vaemla küla, Hiiumaa vald, Hiiu maakond
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ID: 18945 / 206330
Area size: 189.00 m2
Lot area: 5362.00 m2
No. of rooms: 6
No. of WC's: 2
No. of livingrooms: 1
No. of bedrooms: 5
No. of bathrooms: 1
No. of kitchens: 2
Year: 1869
Roof: Thatched
Readiness: Renovated
Ownership: Immovable
Energy label: noCertificate
Cadastral number: 36803:001:0039
Building material: Stone
Doors: Veneer doors
Windows: New wooden windows
Heating: Electric


  • mailboxes
  • sauna
  • wcSeparately
  • shower
  • washingMachine
  • fireplace
  • coatroom
  • furniture
  • kitchen
  • refrigerator
  • electricity
  • localwater
  • kanalisatsioon_lokaalne
  • ancillarybuilding
  • closedcourtyard
  • deepwell
  • fencedterritory
  • garret
  • nearbyforest
  • newelectriccircuit
  • openkitchen
  • separaterooms
  • wallcupboard

The country house of dreams in Hiiumaa!

“Ilu talu” was awarded the title of “The Most Beautiful Home in Hiiumaa” in 2009!

The farm complex includes:

A beautiful private house with a thatched roof on the territory of the former Vaemla manor, built in 1869 and originally used as a storehouse. The complex is located next to a manor road with a beautiful meandering tree alley in five former manor parks.
The initial year of construction of the building is 1869, 2002. the building underwent a complete reconstruction, a new floor, new walls, doors, a roof, water and heating system were poured and an extension was made to the building. The last time the house was finished. and renovations in 2018 – new kitchen furniture, kitchen equipment, new oven and sauna and floors were installed.

The first floor of the three-storey building is built of strong stone, the second floor is made of logs and the third is of wooden construction. The building has double wooden windows installed in 2002. The building is decorated with a thatched roof. A unique building where everything is thought through to the smallest detail.

On the ground floor there is a spacious living room, a kitchen and a dining area, a hall, a sauna and a shower room, and a toilet. Cosiness is added by the heat-storing oven, which is pleasantly located in the middle of the living room, being enjoyed from every corner of the room.
The beautiful kitchen, which harmonizes very nicely with the interior, was installed with new technology in 2018. High-quality kitchen furniture from Idema.
There are two entrances on the ground floor, the front door of the building, one of which leads to the yard behind the house.

On the second floor there are three spacious bedrooms and a toilet.
On the third floor there are two separate rooms – an office and an open room for social stays.

The total area of ​​the main building is 189 m2.

There are 3 outbuildings on the territory:

SMOKING SAUNA – a unique authentic smoke sauna built in the 1860s, which was detached from Setomaa by the Latvian border and in Hiiumaa in 2005. rebuilt / assembled. Very unique and with a pleasant aura to enjoy both in summer and winter. With a total area of ​​40m2.
BUCKET – a 45m2 building that can accommodate household diamond supplies (firewood, garden tools, lawn tractor and other necessary equipment).
OUTDOOR KITCHEN – a comfortable attic building with a wood-burning stove, fireplace, grill for convenient cooking. Built in 2006. total area 50m2.
All outbuildings have thatched roofs and the outbuildings are in good condition.

The heating system in the main building has so far operated on the basis of electric underfloor heating. A heating and storage oven is used as an additional heating source.
The ventilation system is solved with fresh valves.

The sewerage is solved with a concrete collection well (5m3).
The water is from its own borehole.
Electricity 26 A, main shield.

The plot area of ​​the beauty farm is 5362m2. On the south side of the plot there is a Natura nature protection area, on the east side is a former real estate of manor buildings, on which the Vaemla Wool Factory is located today. Walking through the Natura area you can reach the sea, the distance is about 300m. The construction of the property towards the sea has not been allowed, coming from Kassari, the property is the first to be located on the island of Hiiu. The property is accessible from a public road. The manor road is paved and you will be kept in good condition.

Hiiumaa, considered an island paradise, is a highly valued island for both leisure and year-round living.
The beauty farm is located in an extremely convenient logistical location. The drive from Tallinn to the beautiful Rohuküla harbor in Haapsalu takes an hour. Tickets for the ferry can be conveniently purchased in advance, so you can travel directly to the ferry without losing momentum. The ferry ride to the island lasts only 1h 15 min, during which it is possible to enjoy a good lunch and / or dinner and set yourself up for a holiday. The journey from Heltermaa harbor to home is a very beautiful and comfortable journey only 10 minutes.

There is a historic wool factory and a few beautiful private houses nearby. There is a shop nearby (2.5 km) for everything you need. The beautiful and unique island of Kassari and the bays of Vaemla and Käina can be seen from the windows on the second and third floors of the house

Heltermaa harbor is a 15-minute drive away
Airport 25 minutes by car
Käina Konsum is a 7-minute drive away
Kassari Holiday Center 7min drive away.

A country house in a beautiful and very good condition with a historical touch, the charms of which can be immediately enjoyed.

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