25 000 €
Price per square meter
0,00 €/m2
Additional information
rooms 26 rooms
yard area 11000.00 m2


Address: Kose põik, Kose, Pirita linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond
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ID: 17072 / 204679
Lot area: 11000.00 m2
No. of rooms: 26
No. of WC's: 4
No. of livingrooms: 19
No. of bedrooms: 7
No. of bathrooms: 6
No. of kitchens: 2
Year: 2023
Roof: Stone
Readiness: New
Ownership: Immovable
Energy label: noCertificate
Building material: Stone
Windows: New wooden windows
Heating: Combined heating
Parking: Garage for four cars and additional parking space on the property for 6-8 cars
Body of water: River
Body of water name: Pirita jõgi
Body of water distance: 5 m

The historic Kose Summer Manor on the south bank of the River Pirita was known as the most beautiful small manor building in the Late Baroque or Early Neoclassical style in Estonia. The manor building will be thoroughly renovated and given back its former glory with a new touch of freshness. In cooperation with the owner, the tenant can contribute to the interior design, planning and decoration process. The renovation will be completed within one year after signing the agreement, and the building will be ideal for an embassy residence or as a unique local representation for a foreign company. The historic and unique property may be added a separate two-storey building with the net area of 500 m2.

The manor complex includes the main building of 600 m2 and two guest houses with the total area of ca 300 m2.

The ground floor: the main door leads to the hall extending across the entire manor house with access to spacious living rooms as well as the open kitchen and dining area. The ground floor is ideal for private meetings and get-togethers as well as for hosting guests and dinner parties.
The second floor: the second floor accommodates four bedrooms. The master bedroom includes a spacious wardrobe and bathroom. There are separate bathrooms planned also for the smaller bedrooms. There will be a cosy resting area in the second-floor hall leading to the terrace.
Basement: there will be social areas, utility rooms and saunas including a Finnish sauna and a steam bath.

There will be modern and sustainable technological solutions.

The annexes (one 185 m2 and the other 105 m2) will accommodate beautiful and private smaller guest houses with all modern conveniences.

The property is perfect for a tenant who values elegance, privacy, spaciousness and high quality. The owner will consider the special wishes and particular recommendations of the tenant during the planning, interior design and decoration process of the renovation in order to create the ideal place meeting the client’s needs and equipped with all necessary utilities and security solutions, elegant rooms for meetings as well as cosy living areas.

Kose Summer Manor is located in the picturesque primeval valley of the River Pirita near Tallinn. It is at the end of a cul-de-sac away from neighbours and busy traffic. You can enjoy long walks in the sports and hiking trails in the ancient pine groves. You can cycle, jog and enjoy ball games and swimming. In winter, there are well-maintained and lit 7-kilometre cross-country skiing tracks right next to the property boundaries. The shops, riverside and seaside restaurants, the Olympic Yacht Centre and harbour in Pirita as well as the longest sand beach in Tallinn are only a short drive away while you can get to the city centre within only 10 minutes.

Kose Summer Manor was built on the southern bank of the River Pirita near Tallinn by the merchant family the Kochs in 1790. It also provided the area with its name Kose.
The summer manor buildings were built in the picturesque valley next to a flower meadow surrounded by a pine grove high above the riverbanks. Numerous writers in their memoirs and travel journals have described the summer manor as the garden of Eden. The vast orchard, park and wild nature around the manor have made a lasting impression on countless people. In addition to abundant flowers and shrubs, the park was adorned also by pheasants and peacocks walking in the garden. One of the most dazzling areas was the pond behind the main building that included also a small beach.
In the manor complex, there was also a spacious stable and coach house, a garner and a summer house pavilion. Sometime later, also a family cemetery and mausoleum were established at the northernmost part of the property.
The manor changed owners in the beginning of 1930-s. After the departure of Ilse Koch, the heir of Baltic-German descent, the summer manor was taken over by Klaus Scheel thus also changing the name of the manor to “Scheeli Villa”.

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