Jaanus Laugus

Jaanus Laugus

Partner | Chairman of the Board | UUS MAA | Maakri
Bureau: Tallinn
+372 501 7040
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About Me

I work in the real estate sector already since 1994. I joined Uus Maa Real Estate Bureau a year later. I have been through all the career gauntlet – from an apprentice of real estate broker to a top executive and owner.

I like ambitious people who are honest, put their hearts into their work, are dedicated and consistent. We at Uus Maa like to lead a full life, we love development and new challenges. We are also a close team. A real work family:)

Making the company Uus Maa has been my big passion. With the company, I have also developed and grown as a person. Providing real estate services means work with people and relationships. Our business is one of contacts, where good relationships and customer satisfaction ensure profitable transactions. We appreciate long-term customer relations and always prioritize customer needs.
I find that one is not born as a good real estate specialist but becomes one in years. Uus Maa has been the company developing the strongest specialists in the market. We are happy to expand our team with people who have no previous experience in this field but who are open, have a positive mindset and an ambition to develop. Stars of the real estate market are trained here.

I am proud of the international and local titles and the recognition Uus Maa has earned! I am especially happy for the victories and titles of our people. I also consider it extremely important that our company has made it to the TOP ten most employee- and family-friendly companies in Estonia.

I follow the three principles of life of Mark Manson, a young philosopher:
radical responsibility in actions
acceptance of oneself as you are
radical development, do good unconditionally
I like the following thought: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you're right.”

I am a lawyer by education.
Besides real estate, my other hobbies are various sports and reading.

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