Price per square meter
3 849,69 €/m2
Additional information
square meters 46.00 m2


Address: järve, Kristiine linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond
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ID: 231 / 390
Area size: 46.00 m2

A movie-like city home in a unique high-rise building in Tallinn!

The two ultra-modern high-rise buildings designed by Martin Aunin, one of the top architects of today, are located at the artery of Tallinn. The new slender and cosmopolitan landmark is lined with various glass surfaces and a consistent ribbon of balconies, stretching dynamically into the heights and opening breathtaking views in every direction. The high light-faced towers can be seen from far away.

The whole set of JÄRVE TOWERS with extraordinary architecture will be completed simultaneously. The first to be completed will be TOWER2 and the 2-floor building for office and commercial-service premises, then TOWER1.

TOWER1 has 19 and TOWER2 18 floors. Each has 2 elevators and most of the apartments have balconies.

The upper floors of the towers contain spacious penthouse-type apartments enhanced either by winter gardens with roof windows, almost all-round balconies or both, depending on the apartment. Larger apartments contain a housekeeping room, several toilets and bedroom suites. The interior will be designed in light, natural tones and high-quality materials.

JÄRVE TOWERS will be connected with a heated two-storied underground part with parking spaces and storage rooms of various sizes, as well as some garage boxes with sliding doors. It is possible to access parking floors and storage spaces by elevator.

JÄRVE TOWERS will be surrounded with trees, in harmony with Järve park forest across the road where it is possible to walk with a pet and do sports.

There is a “highway” in all directions: to Ülemiste, to the airport, to the bus station and to the centre where it is possible to ride only in 10 minutes even during the rush hour, taking the train from the Järve station nearby.

The first of the tall JÄRVE TOWERS with unique architecture will be completed in year 2020.

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